Automated Rosetting Analyzer for Micrographs


System requirements

ARAM is a windows 64-bit executable and tested for Windows 7, 8 and 10.
On the first start only, the installer will ask you to allow downloading and installing a necessary runtime library. There are no additional programms needed.

What is ARAM?

ARAM is an automated image analysis software to determine rosetting parameters and parasitemia in Plasmodium samples. Additionally ARAM can perform object detection on image files with two different algorithms.

How to cite my usage?

If you utilize ARAM, please cite the main publication: This publication on BioMed Central's Malaria Journal is Open Access.

Why is ARAM free?

With this software we want to provide a solution for a faster analysis of the most time consuming task in malaria research: counting cells and rosettes by hand. In the spirit of productive scientific work and the aim of consistent results, the use of ARAM is free of charge. If you want to support us, donations are welcome.

Download ARAM for free

How does ARAM work?

ARAM is a set of compiled Matlab© scripts. With the user friendly GUI and "one-click-to-result" architecture the evaluation is convenient. Under the hood ARAM uses, in default mode, the prewitt edge detection mehtod to find objects on an image. ARAM calculates properties like parasitemia, rosetting rate and rosette size distribution for P. falciparum cultures. To estimate the qualtity of the results, the software provides a confidence interval for each parameter based on statistical error calculation.
Experimental Physics I, University of Augsburg, Universitätsstraße 1, Augsburg, Germany